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Check out these other amazing authors:

Leah Downing


Excerpt from Catch A Falling Star: As a very complicated couple makes it to the red carpets of Hollywood, destructive forces continually try to tear them apart. Almost a year after federal investigator Lauren St. Germain was exonerated from charges of assisting in a homeland terrorist attack, doubts still exist with regards to her innocence. In order to move on from her highly publicized trial, she accepts the position as a Hollywood “Yoga Trainer” for a hugely successful company owned by her closest confidant from college. While navigating her way through the glamorous (but often snarky) yoga scene, Lauren catches the eye of up-and-coming film star, James Bayer. After a steamy night together on a luxury cruise off the coast of Canada, they impulsively embark on a rugged journey through the icy Inuit Tundra guided by a tribal dog sledding outfit. It is there, under the prophetic Northern Lights, that Lauren discovers she is the target of a dark supernatural threat.

Author: Catch a Falling Star is not only Leah Downing’s first novel, but it is also the first in a five-part series chronicling how supernatural forces systematically infiltrate world leaders which then bleed down into the lives of ordinary people who step up to perform extra-ordinary tasks. This global concept dramatically plays out in the life of Lauren St. Germain as readers follow her through highly publicized trials, international travel, and complicated love triangles.

Craig Leonard, Sr.


Excerpt Unto The Last Seed:  Derrick Cameaux shouted into the night, “WHY?” His only answer was the echo of his question reverberating around the dark emptiness. Now, seemingly without any fortitude or desire to subdue his grief, his weeping turned into loud, wailing cries of sorrow. His very soul had been forever branded by an indelible iron, and something had happened to Derrick that night. At his darkest moment, from the deepest recesses of his grief, the first sign of a different emotion had been implanted–vengeance. Unexpectedly, a cool breeze swept across his face as though to wipe away his tears and restore his composure. Though his grief was still present, he was vitally aware that he was alive and there were people depending on him. He would not let them down!

Author:  Born and raised on Bayou Lafourche, in south Louisiana, Craig comes from a long line of Cajun storytellers. His Great Great Grandfather was a founding father to his hometown of Golden Meadow. The marshes and swamps of his home state are simply in his DNA and his love for his fellow Cajun people keeps his heart beating. Having lived many years in the Middle East and working with many nationalities has given Craig a deep understanding of not only conflicts of nations but also conflicts of the heart.

Mary Stevenson


Excerpt from Falling in Reno: This fascinating book is the true story of the June 2, 1972 skyjacking of United Flight 239 from Reno International Airport. Mary waited faithfully for her boyfriend Robb Heady to come home from his year of military service in Vietnam. She did not suspect that he would skyjack an airplane shortly after his return. His crime ended their plans to create a happy life together. This true crime story offers an in-depth look at the understanding Mary gained throughout the ordeal, and how this event was to thrust her onto her spiritual path. Here is a love story offering readers the example of how hope, courage, determination, and unconditional love can help people get through even the most profound calamities. We can take inspiration as we read this story and see what it took for Mary to wait for Robb during his years in prison, so that she could eventually become The Skyjacker’s Wife.

Author:  Mary Stevenson has organized or helped run meditation centers around the country, including in Reno, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Boulder, Colorado. She also enjoyed living for four years in the spiritual community of Fairfield, Iowa. For many years she attended large world peace assemblies around the country to enjoy big group meditations with thousands of other TM practitioners from around the world. Mary currently resides in Sedona, Arizona.

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