Choosing Hope, Finding Joy


Choosing Hope, Finding Joy:

A Journey through Trauma and Loss

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Author: Sheri McGuinness, 2016

Choosing Hope, Finding Joy is a true story of a family’s account of trauma and resilience as one mom fights to help her family survive, thrive and even flourish after repeated significant losses. It is the story of Sheri McGuinness and her children as they found themselves on a journey to heal the wounds of horrible losses that devastated their lives, and what helped them to find their way out of the wreckage in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

Her inspiring first book, Choosing Hope, Finding Joy, chronicles her journey navigating through childhood and adult traumas, suicide, losing her child, and recognizing the impact that they each had on her life. This compelling book shines a light on the toll of grief, trauma and loss, and how even the strongest of people sometimes need support to overcome the fallout. It is a story that will make you cry, warm your heart and give you hope.
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