You do not manifest what you want.

You manifest what you BELIEVE!

Sonia Ricotti

I was recently watching a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy on “Power Posing”. It’s a very interesting study and directly supports the assumption that you can manifest what you believe to be true! She had done extensive research on the power of posing and faking it until you make it or until you believe it! Her research showed that striking a power pose, like Wonder Woman might make, before stepping into a situation where your need for confidence is paramount, like going on an important job interview, can actually change the outcome.

It validated that just 3 short minutes of power posing in private, could change a persons chemistry for a short period of time, actually increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol. This allowed the test subject to walk into that interview with confidence, and a strong belief that he or she was the person for the job, while also demonstrating the body language that gave the interviewer that same perception. She also found that if this power posing was done over extended periods of time, that it could change the subject’s chemical make up for even longer, potentially forever.

I am working in a writing group guided by a mentor who has been sharing techniques for keeping us on track and manifesting our own destiny. He doesn’t call it that, but clearly that is the goal. Assigning us repetitive exercises that reinforce that our lives can be whatever we can imagine if we believe it to be true. And along with that belief, creating connections within this amazing group of writers who serve as colleagues and cheerleaders rooting each other on. It took me a while to understand that a seemingly silly exercise could eventually change my own internal perspective or the voice in my head. But that is exactly what it does.

One of our exercises was to write down our long-term goals. We were to include everything we could imagine that our life would look like in two years, down to the very last detail. I took great pains to include every last item that would make the picture of my life perfect. At first it seemed a little outrageous. But, the more I reread my goals, the more I believed them, and the more I believed them the more they began to manifest in my life.

There is something special with in all of us all that often life has beaten down into submission. It leaves us questioning our value and floundering to convince ourselves that we have everything within us that we need to reach our goals. It takes away the one thing that can put us on the path to realize our destiny. It takes away our ability to BELIEVE: to believe we deserve it, to believe we can have it, and to believe we WILL succeed. If we don’t believe that we can achieve a goal, than we wont achieve that goal. If we don’t believe that we are the person for the job, than we aren’t. So, decide what you want and reach for it, know that it is yours, and claim it. Visualize it, fight for it and don’t stop believing!

**This blog is inspired by my son Bobby whose spirit guides me everyday to be authentic, follow my heart and always believe!

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